Our Mission: To Teach the 10 Principles for Sustainable Mind, Body, & Planet to Young People Worldwide!

PROJECT DIRECTOR—METROV: “I’ve been an artist/writer/filmmaker my entire life. I started the NU Project and designed the NU Gear product line to generate revenue to support my art studio & staff, while at the same time promoting something dear to my heart—Sustainability.” 90% of our profits go to support Metrov Contemporary Arts located in Santa Barbara, California. Our team of local artists and interns produce NU Gear as well as museum quality fine art paintings & sculpture.10% of our profits are donated to environmental & sustainability groups such as “Greenpeace International” and “Friends of the Earth.”

For decades, Metrov has championed the environment with novels such as the FALCON LORD Trilogy, and films like GODDESS (Prelude). He established himself as a health & nutrition expert with his book, CONQUER THYSELF, which has been endorsed by some of the foremost leaders in today’s Medical and Lifestyle Revolution. Born in East Los Angeles, Metrov began his professional life in New York City in 1970 working as a designer/illustrator for world-renowned Push Pin Studios, then as a Fine Arts painter. His paintings and sculptures reside in collections worldwide. More: www.metrov.org

Please use the contact form below if you’d like to book Metrov for a speaking engagement. As a lifelong environmental advocate and someone who has recovered robust health after one of the most devastating cancer treatments a human can survive, Metrov is happy to speak to teens, college students, parents, adults—anyone seeking inspiration to improve their lives and the lives of others. His talks include motivational stories on creating and maintaining sustainable mind, body, & planet. “I will teach you to do what you thought was impossible.”






GLOBAL OUTREACH DIRECTOR: Emily Tomasso, emily_webrecently graduated as a Bachelor of Arts from Leeds College of Art, Great Britain, is an eclectic visual creative whose interest in collaboration feeds both her personal practice and her interest in curation and arts management. She is passionate about Sustainability Awareness thru Art, and is also a kitty and Nature Lover!