Collector’s Lore

Some interesting tidbits regarding NU collectibles and limited edition, fine art figurines:

  • You may notice some NU’s have what appear to be defects in construction. These “defects” occur naturally in the process of “hand building” each figurine, and have been left by the artist to represent things possessed by all great Heros, i.e. Flaws & Scars. Every hero has a flaw(s) to overcome, and every hero has scars that represent the wounds inflicted in his unstoppable drive to battle and conquer evil! The Vintage NUs are especially battered to celebrate the Creature’s life’s victories.
  • There are never-before-seen prototype NU’s. These are worth considerably more than regular Limited Edition NUs.
  • There also exist “flubbed” NUs, i.e. NUs that failed in the prototype construction process. Though never seen, these are also considered priceless collector items.
  • The artist’s signature can be found on different places on the Limited Edition figurines. These locations are mostly the top or bottom of one of the feet.
  • The “Red” NU is typically photographed in the shadow of other NUs because he is considered a benevolent  “demon” by many.
  • Pink NU represents Unconditional Love
  • Yellow NU represents Limitless Joy
  • Black NU represents the Tao
  • Blue NU represents Boundless Sky
  • Vintage NU represents The Trials of Life
  • NUs are magical and considered Good Luck.
  • It has been rumored that NU is a secret ancient Egyptian symbol that was used in rituals to elevate fecundity in the Nile Valley. The NU symbol has been found in only two hieroglyphic writings, both discovered in Temples of the High Priests.

By purchasing a NU fine art sculpture or  limited edition collectible, you will be supporting the NU Project mission: to get NU’s message to young people worldwide. Take a stand for a Sustainable World, and inspire your friends to do the same. To purchase, please visit our Etsy Shop. (90% of our profits go to support Metrov Contemporary Arts located in Santa Barbara, California. The studio produces NU Gear as well as museum quality fine art paintings & sculpture; we also train students and employ local artists. 10% of our profits are donated to environmental & sustainability groups such as “Greenpeace International” and “Friends of the Earth.”)