1.  What does “Do You NU?” mean?

“Do You NU?” means, “Are you doing your best to practice a sustainable lifestyle?” For example, do you recycle? Do you avoid products that leave behind environmental toxins? Do you try to conserve limited resources such as wood, paper, oil, gasoline, even clean water? Are you living a healthy lifestyle; eating right and exercising regularly? Do you have a stress management program?

2. What does “Sustainability” mean?

In 1987, the United Nations Brundtland Commission defined sustainability (or “sustainable development”) as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.”

3. In the “Saga of NU” video, why does Metrov say of the FDA (U.S. Federal Drug Administration), “The fox is in the hen house,” and that there are foods in our grocery stores with the FDA stamp of approval that cause slight problems like cancer, heart disease, diabetes?

In the Fall of 2013, the “Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics” published a report by Harvard fellows regarding rampant corruption in the FDA. The report sheds light on the fact that this corruption is a deviation from a baseline of integrity in order to favor purely commercial interests at the expense of public health. This is only one of many similar allegations that have been published for years now.


4. Metrov is known as a filmmaker,  fine arts painter, and sculptor. Why is he promoting Sustainability?

Metrov, a cancer survivor and *health & nutrition expert, believes the Arts are meant to enrich the world by expanding our perspectives. But Art may also be employed to address serious socio-political issues. If Art’s purpose is to enrich, let’s enrich our values and practices here on Earth, showing greater respect, responsibility, and gratitude for this magnificent world. Money is great. But what good is it if we destroy our health and our environment?

*Metrov’s book, CONQUER THYSELF, which chronicles his rebound from terminal cancer to radiant health, has been endorsed by some of the top medical/nutrition experts in the world.

5. What are the Ten Principles or Habits presented in BOOK OF NU?











BOOK OF NU expounds on the above principles in a simple, yet comprehensive manner that anyone can understand. The Creature NU is the Ultimate Young Person’s Mentor for Sustainable Living.

6. Is the NU Project political?

Posted on Instagram.com/metrovart, Dec. 31, 2016: Dear folks… as I’ve said elsewhere, this is not against Trump or anyone else. This is about all of us adapting lifestyle habits that will improve our lives, and the lives of future generations. This is not political, this is humanitarian. I am simply an artist starting a business to support my art while promoting sustainability. Please read a little about us before jumping to conclusions. Thanks for participating! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO THE ENTIRE, BEAUTIFUL WORLD!

7. My teenage son is an athlete, and scoffs at the notion that eating too much meat and dairy is bad for him. He claims he can eat all he wants of anything, and it doesn’t have any adverse affect.

Many teenagers, especially athletic types, may not feel any immediate effects from eating excess animal fat, cholesterol, & protein. I know, I was once one of them. Here’s what happens however:

  • Degradation of Arterial Lining. When we’re young, the interior walls of our arteries, i.e. our endothelial lining, are in tact, and do not allow bad stuff to penetrate. It just passes right through, and is properly disposed outside of the body. As we age, however, the lining begins to lose its integrity, allowing more fat and other toxins entry into our interiors where, instead of being disposed, they get stuck in unwelcome places, blocking circulation, clogging up the works, causing health issues.
  • Slowing of Metabolism. Most people know that as we age, our metabolism slows down. The food we used to eat with impunity no longer gets fully utilized. The body doesn’t need it! But since we’re in the habit of eating certain quantities, most of us continue to eat the same amounts. Unused food gets stored as fat. This is why people tend to gain weight as they age.
  • Cumulative Effect. Eating animal-derived foods now and then will not likely damage your health. It’s the cumulative effect of eating this way over a period of say, 20 years or more, that causes problems. We know most cancers take around 20 years to form in the body. As we age, more and more fat, cholesterol, and other toxins, like carcinogens, pesticides, and antibiotics, build up inside. Eventually the body can no longer tolerate harboring these poisons.


8. Who is behind the NU Project?

The Nu Project was initiated by Metrov. (photo below). “I’ve been an artist/writer/filmmaker my entire life. I started the NU Project and designed the NU Gear product line to generate revenue to support my art studio & staff, while at the same time promoting something dear to my heart—Sustainability.” Our profits go to support Metrov Contemporary Arts located in Santa Barbara, California. Our team of local artists and interns produce NU Gear teaching materials as well as museum quality fine art paintings & sculpture. Your purchase of a NU Gear product will not only help support the Arts in America, but promote Sustainable Practices on the one planet we have. 

9. Who is The Creature NU, and where did he come from?

Artist/author, Metrov, created The Creature NU as a minor character in his epic installation series, MYTH OF PAX: BEAR GODDESS. In this unique narrative artwork, Pax, the ancient Roman goddess of Peace, Spring, and Re-birth, returns to us as the spirit of a Mother Bear. The Creature NU is her direct offspring. Metrov’s Instagram graphic novel, SAGA OF NU, chronicles the adventures of NU as he travels across America learning about our challenges as a society. BOOK OF NU addresses those challenges, providing simple solutions for all to practice. The Pax project signals the arrival of a new global consciousness; a harmonious shift between the balance of patriarchal and matriarchal forces governing our planet.

10. Why is BOOK OF NU not printed on re-cycled paper?

Eventually, we want to print BOOK OF NU on re-cycled paper. For now, however, we have decided to go with conventional paper for the following reasons: 1) Printing on re-cycled paper would double the cost of the book for consumers. 2) The trees that produce paper for our books come from tree farms, which are raised specifically for this purpose. Like other farm crops, farm trees are raised, harvested, then re-planted. 3) Paper manufacturing companies are currently exploring and utilizing alternative sources such as Hemp and Kenaf to make paper. 4) Even the production of re-cycled paper creates chemical pollutants. We are constantly searching for the most sustainable ways to produce BOOK OF NU. For now, we encourage the use of eBooks by giving away the digital version of BOOK OF NU for free.

11. Why is the NU Fine Art Plushy made in China? Isn’t China a major polluter?

We have done much research to find a sustainable and cost-effective manufacturer for the NU Plushy. The company we use complies with strict international safety and environmental standards. Today, China is making substantial efforts to improve their environmental policies. The United States, on the other hand, is currently in the process of dismantling our cherished environmental protections. Did you know that re-cycled polyester is considered more eco-friendly than cotton? The variables—such as pesticides, herbicides, land usage, and fossil fuels used for machinery and transportation—involved in determining the most sustainable practices are complex and numerous. Like paper products, we are constantly researching our best options. As Nu says, we do the best we can.

12. Can I make money as an affiliate simply by referring customers to DoYouNU.com?

Yes! You can sign up to become a NU Gear Affiliate and make a 25% commission on purchases made by customers you refer. LEARN MORE.